Martian coaster diagram

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red 1-pip pyramid red 1-pip pyramid red 1-pip pyramid
red 1-pip pyramid red 1-pip pyramid red 1-pip pyramid
red 1-pip pyramid red 1-pip pyramid red 1-pip pyramid

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| <alignment>           (param #1)
| <header>              (#2)
| color =
| size =
| numbers =
| letters =
| <a1> | <b1> | <c1>    (#3 to ...
| <a2> | <b2> | <c2>
| <a3> | <b3> | <c3>    ( ... #11)
| <footer>              (#12)

Valid parameters are:

<alignment> - defines the horizontal alignment (floating) of the whole table, must be tleft or tright (or nothing)
<header> - the text that appears above the diagram, may be empty
color - specifies the color of the squares used for the Martian Coaster. Options are: black, brown, red, orange (default), yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white, or <blank>
size - specifies the size of each square in pixels, the default is 26
numbers - specifies whether the rows are numbered. Options are: left, right, both, or none (default)
letters - specifies whether the columns are lettered. Options are: top, bottom, both, or none (default)
<a1>, <b1>, ... <c3> - define the corresponding squares of the Martian coaster, see below
<footer> - the text that appears below the diagram, may be empty and is optional

A square is defined by the name of the piece or empty parameter. The names of the pieces are coded as two characters. The first character is the color (r, o, y, g, b, or v) and the second character is the number of pips (1, 2, or 3). An empty square is written using either underscores (__), spaces ( ), or nothing at all. It is recommended to use two spaces. Three special characters are provided: Cross, black dot, and white dot. A cross is written as xx, a black dot as xo, and a white dot as oo. Numbers can also be displayed. A zero is written as x0, one is written as x1, and so on to nine (x9).

In the following examples the rows and columns are labeled. Because any text between "|=" and the next "|" is ignored, numbers, letters, and other comments can be included without affecting the output.