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About Me[edit | edit source]

I first heard about the "Icehouse" pieces years ago while looking up chess variants and other chess-like games on Wikipedia. However it wasn't until ~2011 when I read the rules for Homeworlds that I realized the full potential of these little pyramids and purchased my own set. This has subsequently introduced me a world of delightfully clever games which I enjoy exploring.

Pyramid Game Ideas[edit | edit source]

I like to tinker and tweak games, therefore many of my initial ideas are merely variations or adaptations of other games. I do, however, have a couple of quasi-original ideas that am slowly refining and playtesting. Eventually, I shall post them here for others to enjoy (or not, depending on the disposition of the players and the quality of my designs).

Other Contributions[edit | edit source]

I have spent an embarrassing amount of time reformatting and curating a set of clean & compact pyramid game rules for personal use. In spring of 2016, I finally got around to sharing them with the wider community. A list can be found on BGG here.

Building on this earlier effort, I proceeded to redesign the format to emulate the style of the official Pyramid Arcade rulebook. This updated design has been released as an optional aid for new game designers. The newest version can also be found on BGG. Both .docx and .odt files are available. Someday I (or someone else) will get around to updating the rule format in the previous list.