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This article refers to the pair of dice referred to collectively as "IceDice." For the product IceDice, see IceDice (the product). For the game, see IceDice (the game).

The term "Ice Dice" is sometimes used when referencing equipment needed to play a given game. When used in this context, it refers to a pair of dice: the Pyramid die and the Color die. These were included together in the 2011 product called IceDice, and so gained this nickname.

Faces of the Color Die
:ColorCircle :ColorCircle :ColorCircle :ColorCircle :ColorCircle :ColorAtom
Faces of the Pyramid Die
:PyramidDieS :PyramidDieM :PyramidDieL :PyramidDieSM :PyramidDieSL :PyramidDieML