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Welcome to the Community Portal[edit source]

Do you like Looney Pyramids and can lend your time and skills? We have some tasks and projects that could really do with a little help.

Any questions? Ask on the Discussion page, or add {{admin|what needs doing}} to a page.

Useful Pages for Contributors[edit source]

Things to Do[edit source]

Tasks for Beginner Contributors[edit source]

"I've never used a wiki before..."

Tasks for Experienced Contributors[edit source]

Pyramid Arcade Project[edit source]

Rules Project[edit source]

  • Find games without rules
    • Obtain record permission to duplicate the rules on IcehouseGames
    • Link to the official sources for the rules.

Even if the rules are available elsewhere online, it's nice to have a lot of them in a consistent format, it's good for instant gratification when people are looking for games here, and it can provide a backup in case the original rules go down.

What Can I Play? Project[edit source]

  • Help new players choose games to play, by filling in some more games and adding more categories and criteria by which to choose games.
  • Reorganise What Can I Play? to be more organised around Pyramid Arcade. Move the focus away from treehouse stashes and pyramid stashes.
  • Maybe use wiki categories instead of hard-listing the games.

Infobox Project[edit source]

  • Work on the Template:Infobox Game and Semantic MediaWiki setup
    • Designer property should probably turn into multiple individual designers; not sure how to do that in the infobox
    • Description currently has wikitext on many pages, but that doesn't seem to be supported by the current version of Semantic MediaWiki. We need to either find a way to make a property that contains a plain-text description that goes along with the wikitext description, figure out how to enable wikitext in a property, or make it not be a semantic property.
    • Add a search page that allows searching or browsing games by property
    • There is a work in progress of a new infobox at Template:Infobox Game Fancy New inbox box is all loaded in and appears to be working! Please report any issue you encounter on the Infobox talk page

History Project[edit source]

Game Strategy Project[edit source]

  • Help write strategy articles for the games you know how to play
    • Some good candidates would be Pikemen strategy, Martian Chess strategy, Branches & Twigs & Thorns strategy, and any game that you think you could write a good strategy article on
    • Homeworlds strategy is a work in progress, and could use lots of improvement. Feel free to do copyediting, add advice, reorganize it to a better structure, or whatever you feel would make it better (although deleting the entire thing might be a little extreme)
    • Also flesh out the generic strategy advice, perhaps explaining concepts like expected value, sente (Go term), pinning, playing where your opponent wants to play, putting yourself in a situation where you have two good moves and the opponent can only block one, and so on.

Admin Tasks[edit source]

Add tasks that only admins and sysops have permission to do here
  • Fix pages marked with {{admin}}
  • Make the Main Page look nicer on mobile
    • We now have the mobile extension installed. For the most part, this allows things to look good on mobile devices; but the image on the main page doesn't scale properly. We probably want to figure out a way to make it fit into the mobile layout better. There are some notes on how to do this in the MediaWiki docs
    • It looks like the main issue is getting the front-page images scaled properly. A first step to that would be to replace all of the custom pages for each of the main page images, with one that uses Template:Weekly image, so we can set parameters on these images globally rather than having to go through each one. I've done do on the first few already (for example Main_Page/Picture_for_week_1), just need to go through each of the later images (Main Page/Weekly images) and use the template.
    • Design favicon and mobile icons for the site
  • Remove unused files, especially images that look like they were uploaded by wiki spammers
  • Add an extension for embedding videos from sites such as YouTube Done, see Extension:EmbedVideo for docs, Looney Pyramid Games Wiki talk:Community Portal for example.