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Pyramid Love[edit | edit source]

The Pyramid Love (v3.1) font is installed on the wiki and allows any user to place full-color pyramids into any page using only text. To do this, you must use the template set up specifically for it.

Pyramid Love is maintained by Seagull Incident. For a complete list of symbols check out their demo page.

Displaying Pyramids[edit | edit source]

Simply place your text within double brackets and type a name, color, and size.

General-rules example:


Actual real-world example:

{{PL|::MPN|red|3em}} = ::MPN
  • PL: The template designation
  • ::MPN The nickname for the icon, in this case a Medium Pointing North
  • red: The color you want the icon to be. (This can also be entered in hex color codes like #ff00e0)
  • 3em: How big you want the icon to be

Bare bones example:

{{PL|::MPN}} = ::MPN

  • PL: The template designation
  • ::MPN The nickname for the icon, in this case a Medium Pointing North
  • No color specified, so the pyramid will default to black
  • No size specified, so the pyramid size will default to 1em

Size specified but not color example:

{{PL|::MPN||3em}} = ::MPN
  • Because of the way the template is set up, the name, color, and size must be in order.
  • This means that when you want to specify a size but not a color, you need to leave a blank pipe where the color would be.
  • If you forget to leave a blank pipe and you instead type this: {{PL|::MPN|3em}}, the Wiki will interpret your desired color as "3em" and not know what that color is, so it will default to black instead. And since it expects a size last and won't see one, it will default to size 1em. So remember to put in that extra pipe to designate size without color.

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

Each symbol that it's possible to display with the Pyramid Love font has a particular name that you need to put after one or two colons. The names are pretty easy to guess once you know the basic rules. For lone pyramids:

  • The first letter will always be L, M, or S for a Large, Medium, or Small pyramid.
  • The next next letter will be P for Pointing.
  • The third letter will say which way the pyramid should point, often North, South, Eeast, or West.

Here are four large pyramids pointing in different directions.

{{PL|::LPN|salmon|3em}} {{PL|::LPE|blueviolet|3em}} {{PL|::LPS|hotpink|3em}} {{PL|::LPW|turquoise|3em}}
Large Pointing North Large Pointing East Large Pointing South Large Pointing West

Here are four different-sized pyramids pointing in different directions.

{{PL|::SPN|olive|3em}} {{PL|::MPE|goldenrod|3em}} {{PL|::LPS|sandybrown|3em}} {{PL|::SPW|coral|3em}}
Small Pointing North Medium Pointing East Large Pointing South Small Pointing West

Pyramids can be solid or hollow. Use two colons to represent solid pyramids and one colon to represent hollow/outlined pyramids. Here is a red pyramid in both solid and hollow renditions.

{{PL|::LPN|red|3em}} {{PL|:LPN|red|3em}}

You can also fine-tune the direction by using NE, NW, SW, SE instead of just the four cardinal directions.

{{PL|::LPNE|royalblue|3em}} {{PL|::LPSE|turquoise|3em}}
Large Pointing NorthEast Large Pointing SouthEast
Large Pointing SouthWest Large Pointing NorthWest
{{PL|::LPSW|steelblue|3em}} {{PL|::LPNW|navy|3em}}

And, for a different perspective, pyramids can point sideways, as though lying on a table, and straight up, as though being looked at from above.

{{PL|::LPR|magenta|6em}} {{PL|::MPL|orchid|6em}} {{PL|::MPL|indigo|6em}}
Large Pointing Right Medium Pointing Left Small Pointing Right
{{PL|::LPU|blue|3em}} {{PL|::MPU|blue|3em}} {{PL|::SPU|blue|3em}}
Large Pointing Up Medium Pointing Up Small Pointing Up

Stacks and Nests[edit | edit source]

Pyramids can also be displayed in stacks. Just list the sizes as you want them to appear from top to bottom, up to three pyramids per stack.

::SML ::ML ::SL
{{PL|::SML|orange|3em}} {{PL|::ML|red|3em}} {{PL|::SL|blue|3em}}
Small on Medium on Large Medium on Large Small on Large

Nests can also be displayed by simply reversing the order of pyramids:

::LMS ::LS ::MS
{{PL|::LMS|green|3em}} {{PL|::LS|orange|3em}} {{PL|::MS|red|3em}}
Large on Medium on Small Large on Small Medium on Small

Stacks can be of like-sizes as well:

{{PL|::LLL|cyan|3em}} {{PL|::MMM|magenta|3em}} {{PL|::SSS|green|3em}}
Large on Large on Large Medium on Medium on Medium Small on Small on Small

Nests and trees can be combined up to three pyramids high:

{{PL|::SLM|brown|3em}} {{PL|::MSL|gray|3em}} {{PL|::LSL|black|3em}}
Small on Large on Medium Medium on Small on Large Large on Small on Large

Even pyramids seen from above can be stacked.

{{PL|::MLPU|green|3em}} {{PL|::SMLPU|red|3em}} {{PL|::SLPU|blue|3em}}
Medium on Large Pointing Up Small on Medium on Large Pointing Up Small on Large Pointing Up

Expanded View[edit | edit source]

To make it clearer what is stacked on what, you can use one last letter at the end of your name, E for Expanded.

{{PL|::LMS|saddlebrown|3em}} {{PL|::LMSE|teal|3em}}
Large on Medium on Small Large on Medium on Small Expanded
{{PL|::SLM|midnightblue|3em}} {{PL|::SLME|sienna|3em}}
Small on Large on Medium Small on Large on Medium Expanded

To display pyramids without size/pip indicators, you can use one of these generic pyramid symbols.

Generic Pyramids
:MiniLeft :Mini :MiniRight
{{PL|:MiniLeft|crimson|3em}} {{PL|:Mini|firebrick|3em}} {{PL|:MiniRight|maroon|3em}}
:MiniStack :MiniTree :MiniTrio
{{PL|:MiniStack|olivedrab|3em}} {{PL|:MiniTree|limegreen|3em}} {{PL|:MiniTrio|forestgreen|3em}}
:MiniNest :SymbolPyramids
{{PL|:MiniNest|darkturquoise|3em}} {{PL|:SymbolPyramids|rosybrown|3em}}

Color Limitations and Possibilities[edit | edit source]

Note that when pyramids are displayed in stacks, they must all be the same color as one another. That's just how fonts are. You can't display the letter 'A' as red on top and blue on the bottom, and you won't be able to display a single stack as two different colors, either.

A ::ML
Stuck as one color Stuck as one color

But you can style a single stack whatever color you want. As far as colors go, any hex code #rrbbgg will work, but also any named color that HTML knows about. And it turns out HTML knows a lot of color words.

Displaying Other Symbols[edit | edit source]

There are many non-pyramid characters you can display with Pyramid Love, most of which represent materials available from Looney Labs, such as Martian Coasters and Treehouse dice.

Boards[edit | edit source]

:3by3 :3by4 :4by4
{{PL|:3by3|black|3em}} {{PL|:3by4|black|3em}} {{PL|:4by4|black|3em}}
:5by5 :5by6 :6by6
{{PL|:5by5|black|3em}} {{PL|:5by6|black|3em}} {{PL|:6by6|black|3em}}
:4by8 :8by8 :10by10
{{PL|:4by8|black|3em}} {{PL|:8by8|black|3em}} {{PL|:10by10|black|3em}}
:12by12 :Go
{{PL|:12by12|black|3em}} {{PL|:Go|black|3em}}
:Petal :Twin :Wheel
{{PL|:Petal|black|3em}} {{PL|:Twin|black|3em}} {{PL|:Wheel|black|3em}}
:Lunar :Hijincks :MartianChess
{{PL|:Lunar|black|3em}} {{PL|:Hijincks|black|3em}} {{PL|:MartianChess|black|3em}}
:Ludo :Launchpad :Volcano
{{PL|:Ludo|black|3em}} {{PL|:Launchpad|black|3em}} {{PL|:Volcano|black|3em}}
:WorldWarFive :StashPad :Bandana
{{PL|:WorldWarFive|black|3em}} {{PL|:StashPad|black|3em}} {{PL|:Bandana|black|3em}}

Dice[edit | edit source]

Treehouse Dice
{{PL|:AIM|black|3em}} {{PL|:DIG|black|3em}} {{PL|:HOP|black|3em}}
{{PL|:SWAP|black|3em}} {{PL|:TIP|black|3em}} {{PL|:WILD|black|3em}}
Pyramid Dice
:PyramidDieS :PyramidDieM :PyramidDieL
{{PL|:PyramidDieS|black|3em}} {{PL|:PyramidDieM|black|3em}} {{PL|:PyramidDieL|black|3em}}
:PyramidDieSM :PyramidDieSL :PyramidDieML
{{PL|:PyramidDieSM|black|3em}} {{PL|:PyramidDieSL|black|3em}} {{PL|:PyramidDieML|black|3em}}
Lightning Dice
:LightningBolt :LightningAtom :LightningSplit
{{PL|:LightningBolt|black|3em}} {{PL|:LightningAtom|black|3em}} {{PL|:LightningSplit|black|3em}}
:LightningArrow :LightningPyramids :LightningRecycle
{{PL|:LightningArrow|black|3em}} {{PL|:LightningPyramids|black|3em}} {{PL|:LightningRecycle|black|3em}}
Lightning Dice Symbols
:Bolt :Atom :Split
{{PL|:Bolt|black|3em}} {{PL|:Atom|black|3em}} {{PL|:Split|black|3em}}
:Arrow :SymbolPyramids :Recycle
{{PL|:Arrow|black|3em}} {{PL|:SymbolPyramids|black|3em}} {{PL|:Recycle|black|3em}}
Color Icon Dice
:ColorBlue :ColorGreen :ColorPurple
{{PL|:ColorBlue|cyan|3em}} {{PL|:ColorGreen|green|3em}} {{PL|:ColorPurple|purple|3em}}
:ColorYellow :ColorRed :ColorAtom
{{PL|:ColorYellow|orange|3em}} {{PL|:ColorRed|red|3em}} {{PL|:ColorAtom|black|3em}}
Color Dice Symbols
:Diamond :Club :Spade
{{PL|:Diamond|cyan|3em}} {{PL|:Club|green|3em}} {{PL|:Spade|purple|3em}}
:Star :Heart :Atom
{{PL|:Star|orange|3em}} {{PL|:Heart|red|3em}} {{PL|:Atom|black|3em}}
Color Circle Dice
:ColorCircle :ColorCircle :ColorCircle
{{PL|:ColorCircle|blue|3em}} {{PL|:ColorCircle|green|3em}} {{PL|:ColorCircle|black|3em}}
:ColorCircle :ColorCircle :ColorAtom
{{PL|:ColorCircle|orange|3em}} {{PL|:ColorCircle|red|3em}} {{PL|:ColorAtom|black|3em}}
Fudge Dice
:FudgeBlank :FudgeMinus :FudgePlus
{{PL|:FudgeBlank|black|3em}} {{PL|:FudgeMinus|black|3em}} {{PL|:FudgePlus|black|3em}}
Standard Six-Sided Dice
:1 :2 :3
{{PL|:1|black|3em}} {{PL|:2|black|3em}} {{PL|:3|black|3em}}
:4 :5 :6
{{PL|:4|black|3em}} {{PL|:5|black|3em}} {{PL|:6|black|3em}}
Polyhedral Dice
:D4 :D6 :D8
{{PL|:D4|black|3em}} {{PL|:D6|black|3em}} {{PL|:D8|black|3em}}
:D10 :D12 :D20
{{PL|:D10|black|3em}} {{PL|:D12|black|3em}} {{PL|:D20|black|3em}}
:D30 :D100
{{PL|:D30|black|3em}} {{PL|:D100|black|3em}}
Backgammon Doubling Cube
:Double2 :Double4 :Double8
{{PL|:Double2|black|3em}} {{PL|:Double4|black|3em}} {{PL|:Double8|black|3em}}
:Double16 :Double32 :Double64
{{PL|:Double16|black|3em}} {{PL|:Double32|black|3em}} {{PL|:Double64|black|3em}}

Components[edit | edit source]

Other Components
:MeepleBlack :MeepleWhite :ShotGlass
{{PL|:MeepleBlack|black|3em}} {{PL|:MeepleWhite|black|3em}} {{PL|:ShotGlass|black|3em}}
:Bag :Coin :Hourglass
{{PL|:Bag|black|3em}} {{PL|:Coin|black|3em}} {{PL|:Hourglass|black|3em}}
:PokerChips :Beads :Ball
{{PL|:PokerChips|black|3em}} {{PL|:Beads|black|3em}} {{PL|:Ball|black|3em}}
:Box :Index :Screen
{{PL|:Box|black|3em}} {{PL|:Index|black|3em}} {{PL|:Screen|black|3em}}
:Checkers :Dominos :Piecepack
{{PL|:Checkers|black|3em}} {{PL|:Dominos|black|3em}} {{PL|:Piecepack|black|3em}}
:GraphPaper :HexGraphPaper :Paper
{{PL|:GraphPaper|black|3em}} {{PL|:HexGraphPaper|black|3em}} {{PL|:Paper|black|3em}}
:Battlemat :HexBattlemat
{{PL|:Battlemat|black|3em}} {{PL|:HexBattlemat|black|3em}}
Generic Pyramids
:MiniLeft :Mini :MiniRight
{{PL|:MiniLeft|black|3em}} {{PL|:Mini|black|3em}} {{PL|:MiniRight|black|3em}}
:MiniStack :MiniTree :MiniTrio
{{PL|:MiniStack|black|3em}} {{PL|:MiniTree|black|3em}} {{PL|:MiniTrio|black|3em}}
:MiniNest :SymbolPyramids
{{PL|:MiniNest|black|3em}} {{PL|:SymbolPyramids|black|3em}}
:1Pips :2Pips :3Pips
{{PL|:1Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|:2Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|:3Pips|black|3em}}
:4Pips :5Pips :6Pips
{{PL|:4Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|:5Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|:6Pips|black|3em}}
:7Pips :8Pips :9Pips
{{PL|:7Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|:8Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|:9Pips|black|3em}}
Rotated Dominoes
::1Pips ::2Pips ::3Pips
{{PL|::1Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|::2Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|::3Pips|black|3em}}
::4Pips ::5Pips ::6Pips
{{PL|::4Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|::5Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|::6Pips|black|3em}}
::7Pips ::8Pips ::9Pips
{{PL|::7Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|::8Pips|black|3em}} {{PL|::9Pips|black|3em}}

Placing in Grids[edit | edit source]

You can easily place pyramids into grids as setup diagrams, etc.


Go to Grids and Chessboards for ready-made grids you can paste into your rules pages.