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The Looneys have given away a holiday gift to their fans at the end of each year since 1989. These are sometimes rules to new games, extra bits for old games or other cool game-related bits and bobs.

Their have been several pyramid related gifts over the years:

Year Gift
2020 Bowler Rink rules
2019 The Closest Ghost rules
2018 IceToids rules and pnp tiles
2017 Lava Flows rules
2016 Sandships kit with rules, board and Pyramid Arcade card
2012 Pink Hijinks rules
2011 Pyramid Shambo rules
2010 Pharaoh rules
2009 Nothing Beats a Large rules
2008 World War 5 rules
2006 The Black Martian Coaster
2002 A published edition of The Empty City, the novel that introduced Icehouse
1997 A pyramid-design baseball cap
1994 A jigsaw puzzle of pyramids
1989 Two-tone red and green pyramid ornaments

A full history of holiday gifts can be found on the Looney Labs website.