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Rootbeer is Tom Phoenix of Portland, Oregon. Mine was one of the first user pages to be You may see me working on Zendo-Tao, searching for new images for Zendo-Tao or playing in my sandbox. You should be able to send me email at my fake address. There is a way to send mail to users through the site mechanism, but it's not enabled here yet. You may leave me a message on my talk page. On rare occasions, I am logged in to AIM under the screen name rootbeertom. According to popular rumor, I have never turned down an opportunity to play Zendo. You may join me in playing Zendo-Tao in my subpage.

My other unusual activities are:

  • Being a professional Perl mentor
  • Geocaching
  • Esperanto
  • Amateur cryptography

This link is a Tom Phoenix photo by Julian Cash.

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