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Play, in most board games, proceeds in turns: You take a turn, play passes to the next player (who takes a turn), and so on. Play, in most sports, is turnless (also known as real time): All players act at the same time until a certain condition is met (the ball enters the goal, the timer runs out, all non-it players are tagged and frozen).

Icehouse, the game that Icehouse pieces are named for, is a turnless game. When the game begins, all players are free to act (within the confines of the game, of course). Other turnless Icehouse games are below, in the "Pages in category" section.

Other turnless non-Icehouse, non-sport games include:

  • Spit (a high-speed card game)
  • Falling (a commercially-printed card game)
  • Brawl
  • Fightball
  • Light Speed

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