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Many games on this wiki make use of dice: standard six-sided dice, polyhedral dice, non-standard dice, and custom dice produced by Looney Labs specifically for certain pyramid games. Which do you want to know more about? Click on the link to visit its page and see which pyramid games use that type of die.

Dice custom-made for pyramid games :HOP :PyramidDieSL :ColorCircle :ColorYellow :LightningBolt
Polyhedral dice :d4-4 :d8-8 :d10-10 :d12-12 :d20-20
Regular old D6 dice :D6-1 :D6-2 :D6-3 :D6-5 :D6-6
Non-standard dice :FudgeMinus :FudgePlus :Blank :Double16 :Double64

Other[edit | edit source]

Other, more exotic dice that have been used in pyramid game design and play include: Fate Dice (cubical), Fudge Dice (cubical), direction dice (octahedral), and Cthulhu dice (dodecahedral).

For pyramid games that use dice, see Category:Dice. Category:Dice.