Freeform board

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A freeform board is actually the absence of a rigidly defined playing surface. Unlike a chessboard or a Volcano board, a freeform board is not divided into spaces or regions. Pieces played onto a freefrom board are not placed within a predetermined square or hex, nor are they limited to movement along a certain path.

More simply put, a freeform board contains no markings, lines, grids, or points on its surface; creating a freeform board can be done without a writing instrument.

Freeform boards can be limited in their size. Physical boundaries and obstuctions may define the extents of the playing surface; table edges, stash pads, and coffee mugs may limit the placement of pieces within the freeform board.

Most games that employ a freeform board restrict the placement of pieces on the board by requiring that new pieces be placed in a certain position relative to pieces already in play.