Games released in 2006

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There are 32 games known to this wiki published in 2006.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersGame MechanicsYear
Alchemy ICENoughts and crosses with randomized "symbols" of five different types.26Stacking, Capture, Tile placement2006
CentrificeCentrifice is a hurling match, introducing a new mechanic for stackable Icehouse pieces: Centrificeing (hurling your Icehouse pieces with the help of other Icehouse pieces).1100Dexterity, Centrificeing2006
Cover UpCover up your opponent's options and get 4-in-a-row2Unknown2006
Crystal City CatanColonial building in the style of The Settlers of Catan card game2Resource Management2006
FoxtrotAn abstract game of alignment23Unknown2006
IkkozendoA Zendo variant with a limited number of pyramids and players2100Turn-based, Inductive logic2006
La Columna de TrajanoAn abstract strategy board game of elimination for Icehouse2Movement, Elimination2006
La Linterna de Lisi­cratesAn abstract strategy game of stacking2Unknown2006
Leave No Man Behind"a mix of Chinese checkers and macho 'leave no man behind' wartime bravado"24Unknown2006
Martian CoastersThe Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game26Stacking, Dynamic board2006
Martian Coasters (Polish)Gra rozgrywająca się na podkładkach Martian Coasters26Podkładki, Rzuty kością2006
Martian GunslingerAn abstract Western theme boardgame with a checkerboard24Set collection, Resource management, Direct conflict2006
Martian Mah JonggA rummy game in the style of Chinese Mah Jongg24Observation, Memory2006
Martian PachisiAn Icehouse version of Pachisi210Unknown2006
MundialitoAbstract strategy board game for Icehouse of movement and attainment2Turn-based, Movement, Attainment2006
Olympus MonsA chess-like game where captured pieces are worth their pip-value2Unknown2006
Pach-Ice-iGet all your pieces to your opponent's start2Unknown2006
Par-Trees-iGet all your pieces to the center goal24Unknown2006
PentamidGet five pieces in a row2Piece movement, Piece placement2006
Power TowerBuild high towers by taking over pieces from other towers.24Unknown2006
Ratones ColoradosA game of mice, cats, and traps34Area control2006
Share and Share AlikeA game of shifting loyalties4Tower-building, Market speculation2006
SupercalifragilisticanoSquare Volcano beyond "Mega"15Eruption2006
Take It Or Leave ItA "Press Your Luck" style Treehouse game26Press your luck, Drawing from a bag2006
ThreeStoneTry to build stacks that match your secret goal stacks.2Stacking, Hidden information2006
TitaniceBe the first to steer your transatlantic liner into an iceberg!24Unknown2006
Torres de AsedioOpen a gap in enemy walls to take your army across the board24Unknown2006
TreehouseMake your trio match the House trio before anyone else24Pattern formation, Equipment/Dice2006
Treehouse (Polish)Gra oparta na kostce Treehouse24Rzuty kością, Dopasowanie do wzorca2006
Trip AwayBe the first player with no pieces in front of you24Category:Colorless2006
Volcano IslandBe the most dominant tribe on the Island after the volcano has had its say34Area Control, Tile placement2006
Walk Like an EgyptianWalk like an Egyptian by racing back and forth across a chessboard with checkers-like movement.24Race2006