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This game has been submitted by its designer to the season yyyy Icehouse Game Design Competition.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

Public announcement of Request for Submissions: month dd, yyyy
Deadline for Submissions by e-mail to Coordinator: month dd, yyyy
Deadline for Scores by e-mail to Coordinator: month dd, yyyy
Announcement of Rankings and Winner: month dd, yyyy

Submissions[edit | edit source]

To submit your game for judging, e-mail the IGDC Coordinator with a link to your game rules here at the wiki. Please see the full competition procedures for restrictions.

Once submissions are announced here, judging may begin.


Submissions for the season yyyy IGDC are CLOSED. Start thinking about the next competition, which will ...!

The following games (in alphabetical order) are open for judging until month dd, yyyy:

  • Game A
  • Game B
  • Game C
  • Game D
  • Game E
  • Game F
  • Game G
  • Game H

Judging[edit | edit source]

Anyone may judge games for the competition by e-mailing the Coordinator with a partial or complete list of competing games, scored from 1 ("poor") to 10 ("perfect"). Half points are permissible; and no points (0 or X or "none") are disregarded.

There are no fixed criteria for scoring games; but a game is generally considered "great" if it is clearly described, is fun to play, and has enough depth or strategy to be replayable. Each judge, however, is free to rank games based entirely on personal preferences.

At the conclusion of the competition, a table of all judges' scores will the presented along with the final rank for each game and, thus, the winner.


Judging for the month YYYY IGDC is CLOSED.

These are the results of the num_rankings rankings provided to the IGDC.Coordinator.

  Game AGame BGame CGame D Game EGame FGame GGame H
FINAL RESULTS1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th

Winners[edit | edit source]

First Place: [TBD]
Second Place: [TBD]
Third Place: [TBD]

(Game Participant Box)[edit | edit source]

From Template:IGDCsum2007:

Entered in the Icehouse Game Design Competition, Summer 2007
Winner: Pylon 2nd: Subdivision 3rd: Zamboni Wars 4th: Geomancy
5th: Penguin Soccer 6th: Moon Shot 7th: Martian Coaster Chaturanga 8th: Trip Away