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IceTraze (also capitalized iCEtRAZE) are a set of tiles, designed by Derek Hohls, that can be used for creating Icehouse games. An IceTraze set consists of sixteen square tiles. On one side is a checkerboard (alternating black and white) pattern. The other side is similarly divided into four squares, but the squares are of one, two, or four colors; there are four "monoblocks" of one color, six "duoblocks" of two squares each of two colors (orthogonally adjacent), and six "quadblocks" containing every possible arrangement of all four colors.

IceTraze can be placed checkerboard side up to form a checker or chessboard, or color side up to form any number of boards.

IceTraze Web Page[edit | edit source]

The official web page for IceTraze is here. PDFs for 1" squares are available there.