Icehouse game system

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The Icehouse game system, at its core, consists of stackable pyramids of pronounced vertical proportion, which come in three different sizes. Historically, the 'standard' Icehouse set is composed of 60 Icehouse pieces in four stashes of different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue). The hollow plastic pieces currently available are preferred.

Also included in the Icehouse system are other game equipment frequently used in Icehouse games, including such things as chessboards, Volcano boards, Zendo stones, Tarot cards, dice, extra stashes, stash pads, etcetera.

Icehouse as a Scorekeeping Device[edit | edit source]

As an interesting parallel use, Icehouse pyramids have been envisioned as an alternative to poker chips and other cumbersome scoring methods:

Apparantly, other people are getting the same idea with other games, too.