Looney Labs

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To quote their "about our company page": "Looney Labs is a friendly little game company run by three modern-day hippies (named Andy, Kristin, and Alison) who live and work in a house they call Wunderland." The official Looney Labs fan program promotes Looney Labs games at game stores and conventions worldwide (see also: RabbitWiki).

Looney Labs makes a number of awesome games including:

Of course, they also make the Icehouse game system, in the form of Treehouse sets containing 15 plastic pyramids, along with accessories such as Martian Coasters, Zendo cards, and Volcano boards. They also publish the book Playing with Pyramids and the booklet 3House, full of games that use their Icehouse pieces.

Past products, no longer in production, include:

Games Magazine Article "The Looney Labs Experiment" from Oct 2005.