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There is not yet a consensus on how to capitalize the names of pages. See IcehouseOrg_talk:Capitalization for the discussion.

Part of the problem seems to be that one data item is used for more than one purpose. First, it is text in the wiki, making a link. Second, it is a title of a page. People who see it as a title naturally prefer title case (looking like "Title Case") while those who are thinking of the link text prefer no unneeded capital letters. There may be other valid points of view as well.

Due to technical limitations inherent to the MediaWiki software, the first letter in an article title always needs to be a capital letter. Ordinarily this isn't a problem, but it poses an issue when a proper noun's first letter is lowercase (e.g. eBay). The first letter of an internal wikilink need not be capitalized and will direct the reader to the same page (e.g. wikipedia:computer game or Wikipedia:Computer game can be used interchangeably as needed).

Rationale and specifics: See Wikipedia:Naming conventions (capitalization) and Wikipedia:Canonicalization.

Although dictionaries and some encyclopedias list their entries with no unneded capital letters, this is not universal. Many people prefer title case for the heading of a page.

Wikipedia's suggestion, which is not binding on this site, reads in part:

Recommendations[edit source]

What you type How it looks
1. If you are linking to an existing article whose capitalization doesn't work as the desired link text, consider a piped link instead. There are several ways to do this, depending upon your needs; see Help:Editing. See our list of [[Existing Games|existing games]] to play now. See our list of existing games to play now.
2. If there's already a redirect link to your target, other forms will work as-is. Using a [[Volcano Board]] is optional. Using a Volcano Board is optional.
3. If you are making a link to an article that doesn't exist yet, try to pick the most basic link name that fits your link text needs. For example, omitting a suffix is generally preferable to including it, since a single page can serve for multiple endings at no cost. two [[medium piece]]s [[touch]]ing the [[playing surface]] two medium pieces touching the playing surface
4. If your link leads to an external site, such as Wikipedia, that site's naming conventions may tell you what they prefer you use for interwiki linking (Also, before saving your edits, it's usually worth a check (via "Show preview") that your link leads to the target page you expect on the external site.) is a [[wikipedia:prime number|]] or not is a prime number or not
5. Try to make new names internally consistent with parallel link names already on the site.
6. Don't worry about any of this too much. Be bold in updating pages!