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This page documents companies and entities that have granted permission to the IcehouseGames Wiki to host their content (images and text)

Looney Labs[edit source]

Facebook Messenger, 7 December 2016

Brett Taylor: Hi Kristin, does the IcehouseWiki project have Looney Labs permission to replicate content (such as text and images) from the LL site or the Arcade instruction manual? For text In excerpt form, of course, not whole pages or chapters.

Kristin Looney: Absolutely!

John Cooper[edit source]

Message-Id: <c2fb14804e2518eca7624343855cd3c1@cf.gsfc.nasa.gov>
From: John Cooper <jwc@cf.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 10:24:12 -0400
To: icehouse@mail.wunderland.com
Subject: Re: ICE: Hypothermia

Please feel free to include in the wiki anything I wrote or designed
(if I did) from any Hypothermia. As far as I'm concerned you can grab
any text from my web pages related to icehouse games too, and add them
to the wiki. There's an old index page with bad links here:

Thanks, everybody (and Mike!) for making the ice-wiki. Good stuff!