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In Which I Ponder Categories =[edit source]

Working on the Template:Infobox_GameSandbox Template and my explanation for why I was doing it, I realized that this discussion really needs it's own page.

I really want to figure out some categorization for the games. I've put a little thought into it, but always get started while getting ready to go to bed. So some discussion would help flesh it out.

Proposal: Come up with Top Level Categories, followed by appropriate sub-categories. For example:

  • Games
    • Number of Players
    • Mechanics
    • Extra Equipment

So a Category would be Games-2player, or Games-Abstract, or Games-Volcano board.

It's entirely possible that I don't understand how Categories are used in the wiki, and their possibilities. I really think that having the games in as many appropriate categories will help find games for new players, but it also might clutter up the games entry. --Tuxhedoh 03:39, 12 May 2005 (GMT)