Penguin Hockey

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Idea for Penguin Hockey: 4/24/07

Came out of conversation with David Artman whilst hashing out the rules to Penguin Soccer. See Talk:Penguin Soccer

A more complicated/realistic game than the abstract Soccer version. Blocking, checking, penalties, dribbling, etc. will be implemented. Perhaps reorient the board to normal position, add a 2 square goal a couple of squares from each end. Use an Icehouse stash per player, rather than one Treehouse set for all. 5 penguins on the ice at a time, rolling substitutions, per real hockey. Must have at least one of each size penguin on the ice at any time. Likely need a "no penguin" crease in front of the goals. Do we still want this one to be playable with 4-players? That might be *really* fun! Look at that as a variant - I want to get the 2-player working first. . .

--Nycavri 16:55, 24 Apr 2007 (EDT)

From Talk:Penguin Soccer: "Or maybe there's only a "foul" (i.e. the move is illegal) if the sliding penguin would enter the opponent square head-on. In other words, if the slider is rotating through a turn--and thus, hits the opponent with a "hip"--it merely comes to a stop in the square before the opponent's square (like if it reaches the "wall" in mid-slide). Basically, that would be like a check, but a head-on hit would be like a boarding or charge (and, thus, not permitted).

OR, maybe you could implement foul as a rule: a penguin can "tackle" an opponent which doesn't have the ball, thereby moving that opponent over one square; but it is "sent off" for a number of turns, after which it can return to the field via the Home square. Of course, this is drifting the game closer to hockey than soccer, but it IS on ice, after all!"

I like the blocking/checking of side-on hits, knocking over the opponent per a tackle in PS. I also like the "sin-bin" for the same tackle point-first. Perhaps a Penguin of the size sent off cannot enter for his team until another Penguin is whistled? Result is only one Penguin in the bin (from either team) at one time, and strategic fouling could be important.

Dribbling? Penguins can dribble with the puck in the square in the direction they are moving. May also/alternatively enter the square to receive the puck a la PS. Can shoot/pass at the end of a dribble? [Can dribble into the net square for a score? Probably not.]

Lots of playtesting at some point in my future.

--Nycavri 17:47, 16 July 2007 (EDT)