Pyramid Icons for Diagrams

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These are pyramid icons for use in making game diagrams. You may use them freely on this wiki or elsewhere (please copy them to your own site if using them elsewhere).

As an example, the image can be included with the wiki-code [[Image:R_3_ne_dir.png]].

For each color there are overhead views of 1, 2, and 3-pip pieces facing the 8 cardinal and diagonal directions, plus a square with pips for upright pieces. There is also an overhead view of a stack of 3 pieces.

For each color, there are also side views of 1, 2, and 3-pip pieces facing left and right plus upright, as well as a side view of a nest and a tree.

The images have transparency set correctly - most colors simply have a transparent background, while the T (transparent) pieces have a transparent interior. (The edges and pips of the transparent pieces are drawn in both black and white.)

There are images for every combination of these image name components:

  • color:
    • B = blue
    • C = cyan
    • D = gray
    • G = green
    • I = pink
    • K = black
    • O = orange
    • P = purple
    • R = red
    • T = transparent
    • W = white
    • Y = yellow
  • pips: 1, 2, 3
    • the stack, nest, and tree directions don't have a pip component.
  • direction:
    • from above: n_dir, ne_dir, e_dir, se_dir, s_dir, sw_dir, w_dir, nw_dir, up_dir, stack
    • from the side: left, upright, right, nest, tree
  • image size:
    • without a further suffix, these are 50x50 pixel images. For 100x100 images, add the component "large" after the direction and before ".png".

I also uploaded entirely transparent images in these two sizes, Empty_square.png and Empty_square_large.png, for use in making grids.

Examples[edit | edit source]

directions from above

directions from the side:

larger images:

colors on different background:

Overly pretty Pikemen setup for 4 (PwP page 70):