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Firstly Pyratics has nothing to do with the politics of starting fires (that would be pyrOtics) but everything to do with pyramids.


The basic idea is for everyone to start with a stash of Icehouse pieces and to have two or possibly three goals. Players would then trade pieces and possibly goals among themselves, including things like

Player A (to Player B)- I'll give you these pyramids if you get me a large blue from Player C). No one will know what your goals are (unless you trade them) and the game would end when one player fulfills all their goals.

Obviously the goals would have to be delegated and kept in a reliable manner, or people could make their goals up.

Stuff to figure out

Goals could at start be adapted from Zendo rules (excluding rules involving orientation and goals that would automatically negate other rules.

More as I think this all the way through.

Credits and Copyright

This game was dreamt up by Carlton "Kermit" Noles and was placed on It is licenced under the Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial)