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Pyramid Storage Solutions[edit | edit source]

This page shows the many methods by which players store, organize, and transport their collection of Looney Pyramids. Each entry below shows a picture and a brief description. Click on an entry to learn more about it. Note: In some cases, the owners and designers of the storage solutions chose to dedicate space to other gaming-related materials. For the purposes of counting the trios the design can hold, the number in the right-hand column indicates the maximum trios that the design could hold if it were dedicated entirely to pyramids.

Photo Description Max Trios
Starship Captain Tin
Flat cylindrical tin perfect for storing, but not originally designed to hold, 12 Looney Pyramids
Mahogany Pyramid Box with Drawers
Handmade wooden box with two drawers and integrated Volcano board top
Essential Oil Case
Carrying case for essential oils with foam core insert
4-Part Chess Board Storage
Modular stacking four-box set that expands to create a board up to 8x8 in size
Round Plastic Canister
3D printed round container with lid
Cardboard Box with 3D Printed Cradles
Reused board game box with 3D printed stacking cradles
Rubber Band and Paper Clip Storage
Specially-bent paper clips and a rubber band hold together a stash.
Book with Drawer
Laser-cut book with pull-out drawer
Take-Out Container
8-ounce plastic take-out container with supporting conical base
Cardboard Box with Foam Inserts
Cardboard box with cells made of interlocking foamboard
Pentagonal Stash Containers
Pentagonal containers, 3D printed, with pentagonal separators in the centers
Clear Photo Case
Clear plastic storage case for 4x6 photographs
Chocolate Tin
An old chocolate tin with cardboard dividers

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