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As a beginner's introduction to IceTowers, it works. However, the random chance ends up overwhelming the play. There appears to be a significant disadvantage for having the first turn, and a very significant advantage for having the last turn of the game.

The vocabulary list, with one exception, is confusing because it adds nothing to the gameplay. We had one player achieve subordination, and it only made his feelings worse to find out that it meant nothing.

--eswald 23:56, 31 May 2010 (UTC)

Yes, we noticed the disadvantage for having the first turn. I wondered if that might be alleviated by having the first player place only one piece instead of two. Not sure whether they should be allowed two dice or just one. I suppose that would have to be tested.

I'm not too concerned about the advantage to the last turn, because that's not pre-determined.

The vocabulary list, yes, was just us getting too into it.

Thanks for playing!

--branfish 20:11, 25 June 2010