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5/13... I just playtested the latest version and have a few suggestions.

1. As written, the rules presuppose knowledge of Ice Dice, but for clarity (because we shouldn't have to assume that something is the same due to its omission) the rules for "Banking" and "Ending Your Turn" should be added to CarboniteDice. I'm certain that I knew what was implied as to how to end a round, so it didn't keep me from enjoying the game.

Thanks for the tip.  I was trying not to impinge on the IceDice material, but maybe I can work some of it in for the sake of clarity. -Fogus

2. It might be fun to add some sort of chart to shoot for when scoring. This would give the players some sense as to what might be considered an excellent score or even a perfect score--something to work towards.

Nice idea.  I'll try to think of some nice diagrams to include. -Fogus

Impression: I'm not a huge fan of solitaire games, but this is a fun press-your-luck adaptation. There's also some new decisions to make as to what pieces to put into the counter and which to use for the turn marker. Very cool.