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Talk Page for Cardinal Connections[edit source]

Hi there folks. This is the talk page for the Cardinal Connections game.

"The setup figure could use pips on the pointing pieces." - Cerulean

Done!--Tophu 22:06, 27 Apr 2005 (GMT)

"I'm still confused about where pieces to be played come from. Apart from the three set aside at the beginning, can pieces be reused from the play area? To me it looks like there are only three moves available; I'm probably missing something obvious, but then again I lose the milk in the fridge, too." - Cerulean

The answer to this one is that anytime you play a piece adjacent (orthogonally or diagonally) to one or more upright pieces, you have to take one and set it aside. That adds to the pile of pyramids available for following plays.
I noticed that the infobox had 4 trios per color, but it needs to be 5 trios per color, as the rules state that during setup 1 trio is to be placed in the pool. Cuc (talk) 03:38, 16 April 2021 (PDT)

Can the game end in a draw? Rootbeer 02:28, 28 Apr 2005 (GMT)

Yes. It is possible for more than one player to have the most pyramids pointing at themselves. Those players share the win. I'll add a note to the Winning the Game section.

chessboard or volcano board?[edit source]

The infobox sez to use a chessboard, but the illustration seems to imply a volcano board. Which is it? Rootbeer 02:58, 28 Apr 2005 (GMT)

Originally the requirement was an arbitrary board of squares, such as a chessboard. Whoever added the infobox translated that to just "chessboard." The illustration shows just the 5x5 because that's all that is needed to show the initial board... I wish the wiki would let me update the image... I had to upload a completely new image (with a new name) to get the new image with pips.
Don't forget to update the infobox, if "chessboard" is wrong. Are you talking about an arbitrarily-large board, like it could be a 10x12 board? On a chessboard, do you set up near the middle?
You know, I designed it as arbitrarily-large, not even using a board for my testing (imaginary grid instead), but it would be okay if it was constrained. Remember, there are only fifteen pyramids in a single stash, and even with nine of those 25 squares filled by the initial setup, a volcano board would leave plenty of space to play. Really, having it constrained would only stop you from making poor plays like playing to the end of an "arm" anyway. Since I really don't feel like redoing all the images, given the stupid image update stuff (see below), I'll just leave it as "chessboard."
As for updating images, it seems the wikimedia people expect you'll use version numbers or something, like red_pyramid_73.png. I think they're trying to prevent you changing the image out from under a page that wasn't expecting it. Rootbeer 16:57, 28 Apr 2005 (GMT)
The MediaWiki appears to support the updating of images. When I uploaded the update, it said that it had updated, and offered to show me the current or old version, but they were the same image.

Game too short?[edit source]

I'm not sure, yet, but I think the game might be too short. Should I change it so that you pull all the adjacent upright pieces off, forcing several additional rounds?

I think not, because the first player will then automatically (well, almost always) remove the four stacked larges at the center. In such a case, why even have the stack--it's going to disappear in one of the first (smart) moves. --David Artman 14:16, 30 Mar 2007 (GMT)