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The main problem i see is having to keep track of the arrows on the coasters themselves, mostly in the early part of the game when the arrows will be harder to see. Also the wild re-roll clause both infuriates and intrigues me. On one hand the variables go up making for more advanced game play, but thats more rules i need to memorize, or have reference for. Wild should have it's own special meaning though, wild is always seen as pick your own choice out of five, i like the idea of wild giving you two eruptions. this is what i would personally use for the treehouse die actions.

TIP - eruptions MUST follow arrows

HOP - caps MUST follow the arrows

DIG - rearrange any one stack IF YOU WISH TO

SWAP - trade one of your captured pieces with one of an opponents (or maybe just steal a piece from an opponent)

AIM - reorient any or all coasters as you see fit IF YOU WISH TO

WILD - cause an additional eruption IF YOU WISH TO

again, just the way I see it, although the second set of rolls is good for extra flavor. my final nay-say to this idea is, i love volcano... on a volcano board, the coasters seem like they might slip around a bit, i've never played outside of a volcano board, so i may be wrong, but when the pieces are locked in, you know they aren't going anywhere.

> steve omodth 8/31/07

Steve, would eruptions simply begin in the direction of the arrows and then move in a straight line, or would each piece be placed according to the arrows on the previous square?