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I played Cold Spell in one game session, and we came out of it with some ideas.

First off, if there was ever a game that you should use the ko rule, this is it, so make sure that your opponents are aware of that going in. Hijacking a piece takes up both actions (turning it upright and moving it), there is nothing to stop (especially in a two-player game) the other player from moving the piece back and reclaiming it on the next turn and so on.

As color doesn’t matter, I recommend adding at least two more pieces (of each size) to the general stash, when playing with three players, and a full second stash if playing with a fourth, otherwise there just aren’t enough letters to make more than one word with (if that).

Also, we decided that we liked playing with Boggle-type scoring rules too, to bring more words into the scoring round. This changed the strategy somewhat—mostly improving it. If you do this, remember that every word can be used more than once, so, if you have multiples of certain letters with different multipliers, you simply decide which to use. However, if you don’t use each at least once, you will, of course be penalized per the usual scoring rules. --nihilvor 04:45, 28 November 2011 (UTC)