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Sorry, I'm behind on my Icehouse doings. I just now read your message about the similarity between colorful clues and colorblind. The only problem is that I thought of colorblind in the summer of 2007 and posted before colorful clues. Great minds think alike I guess. Besides, the mechanics and gameplay are different enough that I think we should both be able to have a fair shake in the matter. Let me know if we need to further this discussion.

> steve

I answered and copied your answer to the talk page for Colorblind (for coherence). -Jorge Arroyo

Hey, no worries. I know what it's like to have ideas swiped out from under you, and it doesn't feel very good. Besides, I noticed during this most latest IGDC that the mechanics for Icehouse games are getting crazy. There's only so many things you can do with the pyramids before the rules and gameplay get insane. Martian Gunslinger comes to mind. It looks cool, but man theres alot to it. Any-who, all is well as far as I am concerned.


Thanks a lot. About the new Icehouse games, yes, I guess when you use abstract components (cards, icehouse, etc...) to do a heavily themed game, it can be a problem. Martian Gunslinger is one of the few games from the contest I haven't tried yet... I was planning on printing a special deck, because I can't see myself using the same card for 2-3 different purposes by looking each time at a table (it seems impossible to remember al the necessary information)'s too much... But I think if you just reasonably use a few of the special characteristics in a way that it makes sense and don't use a lot of extra information (Having to remember the "special power" for each color is ok for me, for example), then it should be no problem...


The only responce I have to that is Gnostica. He he he.

> steve