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I've designed a game along these lines already: Deception -- Jeremiah 17:46, 12 May 2005 (GMT)

Thanks for linking to it. We'll probably give it a try at next Monday's Games night -- Jonathan -- 13:59 12 May 2005 (CST)

It'd be great if you give it a try, but I need to warn you - I haven't really had the time to playtest it a lot yet. I've done some minimal playtesting by myself and with one other person, but that's it. I've figured that the mechanics seem to be OK, but it's not yet clear if they lend themselves well to a "fun" game. I've also noticed that it's a little bit fiddly - you have to be careful not to accidently reveal what's under the opaque pieces when you are moving them. -- Jeremiah 19:26, 12 May 2005 (GMT)

There are other ways to conceal pieces as well. For instance, when you're playing RAMbots, you hide your pieces behind a shield and reveal them simultaneously with the other players. In my game Capstone, you hide a goal stack behind a shield for the entire duration of the game. -- Jeremiah 17:48, 12 May 2005 (GMT)