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Feel free to give feedback on Crystal Wars. Balance issues, and documentation omissions seem to be the largest issues.

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Questions about combat[edit source]

Here's a set of questions I sent to Jeff's email:

Could you give some examples of how combat would work? I'm especially wondering if there were multiple adjacencies. For example, if my piece A is next to opponent pieces X and Y, and my piece B is next to Y, and C is adjacent to both A and B:

. . .
B Y .

I have several questions about this situation:

- Is this one attack, or two? I can see several possible ways of doing it:

--- A attacks X and Y, assisted by B and C; then B attacks Y, assisted by A and C.

--- A and B, with C's help, attack X and Y together.

- Is the answer different if X is above A, rather than to the right of A?

- Is the answer different if X is to the right of Y, rather than to the right of A?

- What if X and Y belong to two different players?

Some other questions occur to me as well:

- The rules say that attack values are compared. Doesn't the player being attacked use his defense value, not his attack?

- Just to clarify: one can only attack a city or village if his unit is not adjacent to any enemy mobile unit. True? In the example above, if Y is a village, can B attack it helped by A and C, or is it forbidden because A is next to X?

Several illustrated examples of combat situations, and how the numbers are calculated, would be very helpful.


Bryan 4:12, 10 June 2011 (UTC)