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I like the concept of a simultaneous 3d fighting game, but have some doubts: If firing is always resolved at the end of the movement phase, what's stopping a player from climbing back up everyturn? Seems the game is impossible to win unless someone voluntarily stays at the lowest level. Maybe I didn't understand the game well...

All right. I saw the latest version of the rules. Sounds interesting. Another question: What's stopping a player with one more pyramid to stay up in a layer that the other player cannot reach? It would make for an easy draw... But now that I think about it, if the other player is restricted to the two bottom layers, he can always try to shoot upwards. If a player is restricted to the bottm layer, can he still end his movement with an up order to be able to shoot even though he cannot move up?

Maybe an idea would be that after a number of turns without being hit, a player might recover the hability to climb up (recovering the lost pyramid)

I'll try to give the game a go today...


Thanks for the feedback Jorge. I've little time for play testing myself at the moment so i'm grateful for any help. As for getting a pyramid back...the thinking was a bit World War One keep the height advantage win the game, but as you said if you finish in an up move you may get lucky (a more tasty victory when snatched from the jaws of defeat) I was also hoping that as each fighter became more restricted the claustrophic atmosphere would develop, fighting in a tighter and tighter space. The overall hope is that this game will tie into Tube tanks & Cover fire as a complete game concept - fighting for underground territory.