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The "Attacking a stack" image doesn't match the text, which states you shouldn't re-roll for subsequent attacks in a pile. Which one is correct? Julien 18 January 2010

Clarification?[edit source]

When I first read the rules I missed the part about all your pyramids being one color. Either it could be more succinct or I just was reading it too fast.

It seems like distance/position doesn't matter, so what is the point of scattering the pyramids at the beginning? Just aesthetics?

This game says 2 players and up, but since each player gets 3 pyramids that means there isn't much room for scoring bonuses. Is there some adjustments for having players use more pieces (be it 2 players or more), or would doubling/tripling/etc. mess up things too much? Cleverpun 09:25, 8 September 2010 (UTC)