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First, without having played it yet, I think this game sounds like fun.

Suggestions about writing the rule:

I'm always a big fan of putting the "Board Setup" section before the "Game Play" section. That way you can just read right down the page in order when you're learning the game.

-- Great idea.. I will play with that.

Do you want to specify a Who Goes First rule? (No is a perfectly reasonable answer.)

-- Nope! :)

Do you want to specify that turns go clockwise from player to player? ...or is that supposed to be obvious?

-- Will add this.

You should probably specify that you can only move your own pieces? That's kinda the default so you might not need to.

-- Will add this (the only exception being when you force relocation of someone else's piece)

Also, should the first line of the Game Play section say, "Player rolls one pyramid die from IceDice" instead of "Ice house"? Speaking of that sentence, it could be expanded to "On their turn, players roll the IceDice pyramid die and move one or two pieces of their color corresponding the size(s) shown on the die."

-- Good catch.

A rules question

Is there a reason that stacks can only be two pyramids high? What would happen if red freezes blue and then green freezes that red? Would that devolve into something ugly?

-- Stacks being restricted to only 2 high means that people can't trap others forever. It forces an ongoing movement that is more fun.

Relocation Question

Hi Rink --

Haven't had a chance to play Freeze Tag yet, but I'm looking forward to it. It sounds great.

I have a relocation rules question. The rules say:

"Legal Moves: ... this forces a relocation of this piece. You may now relocate this piece to any legal location on the board."

Question: Does "any legal location" mean a piece be moved under another piece, thereby freezing it?

Example: I move my large onto an opponent's medium. I then relocate the opponent's medium to "under" one of my smalls, thereby freezing it. Is this legal?

-- Dayle

The Way My Mind Works

Rink: After reading the rules and some of the questions, I tried explaining the game to a friend. These re-written rules come from that session and are based on how my mind works. If they're useful, great. If not, please disregard. -- Dayle

On your turn, roll one IceDice pyramid die and make one or two moves corresponding to the size(s) shown on the die.

Each move consists of moving one of your own pyramids one space in any direction, forward, backward, sideways or diagonally.

Legal Moves:

   into any empty space
   off the edge of the board directly across from the edge you started on
   onto any (your own or opponent's) single pyramid of the same size or larger (this freezes the pyramid beneath it)
   onto an opponent's single pyramid of a smaller size - this forces a relocation of the bottom pyramid. (See Relocation)

Illegal Moves:

   you may NOT move your pyramid onto your own pyramid of a smaller size
   you may NOT move the bottom pyramid of a stack, except when relocating
   you may NOT move an opponent's pyramid, except when relocating


   When you place a pyramid onto a pyramid of a smaller size, You must(?) now relocate this pyramid to any other legal location on the board
   During relocation:
       you may (NOT?) place a relocated pyramid under another pyramid
       you may NOT move a relocated piece off the board
       chain reactions are allowed, permitting the player to capture and relocate another pyramid with the pyramid they relocate.
       during chain reactions, you may relocate one of your own pyramids
       (For Example, If you have a small of your own color alone, you can use a captured medium to capture and move your own small anywhere legal on the board (but you cannot move it off the board))

Other Rules:

   stacks of pyramids may only be 2 high
   all sizes shown on die must be moved, if possible
   if you cannot move any of your pyramids of the size(s) you roll (ie, they are all frozen), you lose that move 
   if your roll is for a single size and you have a legal move, you must move that pyramid
   if your roll is for two sizes:
       you may make the moves in any order you prefer
       if you have at least one unfrozen pyramid of either size on the board that can make a legal move, you must move
       once you make one of your moves, if you then have at least one unfrozen pyramid of the remaining size on the board that can make a legal move, you must move that pyramid as well
       you are allowed to make a move with one piece that prevents you from being able to make your second move
   Play proceeds in a clockwise direction.