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The rules seem incomplete.

I am not sure about the constraints on moving the carpets. Can carpets stack? Or can they only move to empty spaces? If the latter, there is only one empty space on the board, and so carpet movement would be very constrained.

Can servitors move on any carpet, or only just on carpets of their own color? I guess the latter, otherwise there is no point in moving the carpets around; but, it doesn't say so.

In addition to more explicit rules, some sample gameplay would be very helpful.

Thanks for having a look!

These rules are lacking indeed...

  • Carpets can't stack, but the board isn't limited on the sides, so you can have carpets going out of the main path.
  • Servitors are only allowed to move on carpets of their own color.

I don't even know why I made this game public, since I don't remember it being so interesting. I must have been carried away by what I thought was a neat idea!

--captncavern 20:35, 23 July 2011