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Some pages, ie Tree-Halma have grids where the columns are narrow unless there is a pyramid font character in a space, so the grid is distorted (like the non examples on this page. They're using `{{PL| ||3em}` for the cell. Is there a better way which avoids the distortion? --Eclectics (talk) 05:36, 26 April 2024 (UTC)

Trying to use PL without a character from the font won’t work because the size is going on the font style, not the span itself. I added a fourth argument for opacity, so you can insert an invisible PL character to fill out a thin row. (I have a fixed Tree-Halma board in sandbox.) But the problem of irregular grid sizes could use a more general solution. --MCDeMarco (talk) 14:12, 13 May 2024 (UTC)
Ideally we'd set up a custom table style for grids in MediaWiki:Common.css, that kept all cells at a minimum width without all the current boilerplate. That requires admin access and writing the CSS. I'll try writing up some CSS.--MCDeMarco (talk) 15:53, 13 May 2024 (UTC)
The CSS is here. You can test it out (in my sandbox or elsewhere) by copying it into your own User:You/common.css page.--MCDeMarco (talk) 15:44, 14 May 2024 (UTC)