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Welcome[edit source]

Welcome to the discussion page for Horde Runners. Please leave any comments or suggestions you may have on the space provided below. Thanks for your input :)

Comments/Suggestions/Complaints[edit source]

  • Putting the treasure to the ground[edit source]

    I've just read your rules and there seems to be no mention of how you can put down a treasure when it's on one of your pieces. Does it require any AP? Can you do it anywhere on the board or just on your "horde"?

    Die[edit source]

    assumed a d6? please specify - AK

    2009 Game Award evaluation

    I had some questions about cases not covered in the rules:

    • How do you drop off treasure at your horde location? A) You go into square itself as you do when take a treasure from the enemy; B) You drop it off from an adjacent square, as implied in the Extra Rules? And, does it cost an AP to do it?
    • Can you place your pieces next to the opponent's horde? Placing them next to your own horde is forbidden, but if you surround your opponent's horde you can block him off from returning treasures he stole from your horde.

    Now, I like the fact that this game has genuine decisions in it; so many of the student games were essentially roll (or draw) and move, with no choice of what to do.

    However, I find that the game is too dependent on the die rolls. With a 6 you can grab a treasure and cross nearly all the board, but if your opponent then rolls a 1 or 2 they can do little to stop you.

    The basic idea of this game needs more development to make it less dependent on the luck of the dice. Possibilities include: different AP costs for different size pyramids; using the Treehouse die to help determine different actions; having more pieces; limiting the AP any piece can use per turn; etc.

    My assessment for the award: this is a promising start, but it doesn't make the cut.

    - BStout