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Formerly Penguin Golf

Please give feedback on this simple little game here. --Nycavri 01:02, 4 June 2007 (EDT)

Our Wed. night game group meets at Borders. When we played IceGolf we felt limited by the table top play, so we made holes that went around the store anywhere from 8 to 15 feet and adjusted the par for 6 to 15 just to experiment with the distance and flight of the pyramids on a rug as opposed to a smooth surface. We thought that it was a great game under those rules. I still feel the table playing area is too limited, just because i like to beat the crap out of the pyramids when i swing my treehouse tube. the rules seem to be pretty solid, and the gameplay ain't bad.

> steve omodth 9-3-07

  • Ooooh, makes me want to actually try out IceGolf on ice! Thanks for the feedback, Steve. I will likely remove the tabletop restriction after trying "the big game" out myself. Did you use any of the Matchplay or bunker rules? While I don't personally love the game, it feels to me that there aren't enough dexterity based Icehouse games. Glad your group enjoyed playing.

--Nycavri 10:38, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

we didn't try the matchplay or bunker rules, however for our first hole we found out that using the coasters for sandtraps on a 9 foot hole isn't all that productive, so we didn't use the coasters again. but when we set up the pin we would usually make an it harder to get to, example, we would put it under stools or ledges on the book shelves. sometimes we'd use stools for an elevated tee-off. but when your going farther distances your random chance goes way up, even more so on carpet. a strait drive will go strait for a few feet until the tip of the pyramid digs in and makes a 90 degree turn, we also only use the 3-point pieces, the others were to difficult to see, we didn't want them getting stepped on.

> steve omodth 9-4-07