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Wow, this game is awesome! It's like the antithesis of Jenga with the same end result(we ADD pieces until someone wrecks!). Not only that, but this game just looks cooler than liquid oxygen even at the first part of the game! I played this with my sons last night and about halfway through the game one of them said "Woah, we should take a picture before it gets ruined!". I think it lasted for about 2 more turns after that..

P.S. I played several games of soltaire with this too and it was almost as compelling as with other players. I just try for the highest score imaginable. However, I don't allow myself to hold pieces (just seems pointless since there are no opponents).--GameBrain42 22:06, 29 Mar 2007 (GMT)

Game In Progress Image[edit source]


I went ahead and fixed your game in progress image (using the full URL to the image on your web site, no brackets). Unfortunately, I know of no way to resize it (other than, well, resizing the original image, of course).

I recommend that you try to come up with an image of a game in progress played on, say, solid color paper or table (pool table!) so that the pieces are more evident and have higher contrast against the background. The cool thing about this game is, after all, the bizarre structures you come up with during play. You might also want to do it with some primary colors instead of white, black, and clear (which sort of muddle together).

Very nice game! --David Artman 14:03, 19 Apr 2007 (GMT)