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Playaids[edit source]

I've made three playaids for this game, one for each color set and one for mixed sets (just print the page you need):

Instead of making a scoring stack, I place each pyramid on its corresponding color, this way it's possible to calculate scores very fast.

--Jorge Arroyo

Thanks for these, Jorge. I'll print a couple out and give them a try the next time this hits the table - I'll let you know what people think. If feedback is positive, can I move the links over to the main page after the IGDC? --Nycavri 18:14, 1 January 2008 (EST)
No problem. I've uploaded both files to the BGG page. I planned on removing them from my site once they are accepted, but you can add links to the files on BGG then. Update: I've created a new file with play aids for all the different color types and uploaded it to BGG. I've also upgraded the link.

Feedback[edit source]

After trying out this game (2 players with 2 sets) I realized the rules say a 2 player game can be played with one set. I have to disagree with this, as it makes the game much easier. If there's only one size for each color, once it's out of the bag, you can be certain that drawing a pyramid of that size will give you a different color. For example, if my opponent got a large blue (4 points) piece, afterwards, in my turn, if I'm in a position where getting a blue piece would make my score over 12, I just need to get a large piece and I'm sure I won't lose... Playing with 2 sets you need to draw two pieces with the same size and color for this to happen, which is less likely...

-Jorge Arroyo

Hi, Jorge. Thanks for the feedback. I agree it is a different game with 2 players and 1 Treehouse set, but I believe it works tolerably. Similarly, you can run into a similar "perfect information" situation in a 5 player game with 2 Treehouse sets if the pyramids are pulled in a certain order. I equate it to figuring odds in Poker or counting cards in Blackjack . . . --Nycavri 18:10, 1 January 2008 (EST)
Maybe then a third set could be used for 4-5 player games?. It seems to me that figuring the odds in Blackjack is more difficult than here, and I think that's the reason I may enjoy this game more... But if it's too easy, then it's not so much fun... I think with 1 set it does become too easy... --Jorge

I'm surprised M12 came in 1st. My wife and I felt this was a mindless game. Maybe I'm just not the type for casino games. What are y'all seeing in this that I'm not? I'm copying my BGG comments here: "It's bid-per-card blackjack... only a little less challenging. Might be better as a drinking game or in large groups... but neither of which happen to me, so I'll never know." - Cerulean 15:23, 20 February 2008 (EST)

Well, this was the game I enjoyed the most from the ones I could vote (I do like my own game more, but don't we all :) ). All the games had a luck factor but this was all about that. There's slightly more strategy than in Blackjack because you do know how many of each size are in the box, and in a different category than the other games (light filler) it succeeded highly. Jorge