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Shane, can I ask that we seek an alternate layout solution to reams and reams of blank lines? The blank lines are a common tactic of spammers. I'm pretty sure you can use good old fashioned <br> tags to achieve a space or two. - misuba 15:44, 12 Jul 2006 (GMT)

For some reason the break tags were not working. Thanks for the assist - Shane Tilton 18:32, 12 Jul 2006 (EDT)

Shane, if you think this qualifies as a roleplaying game, I have created a Category:Roleplaying to which you could add it. Put double square brackets around the phrase "Category:Roleplaying" to be sorted into it. --David Artman 17:44, 11 Apr 2007 (GMT)

  • Doh! Nevermind.... :} --David Artman 17:46, 11 Apr 2007 (GMT)

My Feedback[edit source]

In the end I didn't get to play this game. I meant to print out a special deck of cards where all the powers were layed out and there would be no need to look at the tables. As it is the game is difficult to play (you either have a really good memory or have to look up tables all the time). I still think there might be a good game here, and would encourage the designer to create such a deck (like the Gnostica decks with all the powers) to make playing the game easier.

Also, as I said in the list, this was one of the entries that was clearly 1HOUSE.


Ditto. That's why I didn't get around to playing this during the IGDC either. It really needs its own deck, and a whole bunch of player aids. I'm no stranger with making card games, if you need help with this. - Cerulean 15:11, 20 February 2008 (EST)
Brief suggestion RE a deck design: try to preserve the card numbers and suits in the corners, with the text in the middle (with or without art; use fonts to suggest Olde West, etc). This will preserve the "poker feel" while also obviating the need to reference the chart and while also evoking more flavor. David Artman 15:50, 20 February 2008 (EST)