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Regarding The Name[edit source]

Dale Newfield has suggested "Martian Bocce" or "Martian Horseshoes." I do not feel those are evocative of the game play, because they are both throwing games (well, one can bowl in bocce, but it's a bad technique, IMO). It's all about the sliiiiide.... --D.Artman

Regarding Basic Rules[edit source]

My original intent was for folks to score only on opponents' larger pieces, but Dale Newfield pointed out that sliding your Large off the table (and out of play) is the best strategy. Carlton Noles's reading of the initial rules, however, lead him to reply with an obvious answer: you might want to score on it with your own Small and Medium! Eureka! (Or "duh...".) Now, you can score on your own larger pieces as well as on your opponents'. This change makes for far more strategy, throughout play. --D.Artman

Tubes for measuring[edit source]

Just read the rules and the game seems nice. One suggestion: what about using the tube's width for measuring? It's just a bit bigger than the height of a small piece and it would seem easier to handle... --Jorge

Sure, whatever works. Maybe use a tube top, if a tube itself is too unwieldy (i.e. you might need to use a small, to fit it into a tight cluster of pieces). --David Artman 09:24, 11 September 2007 (EDT)