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2009 Game Award evaluation

As the description says, this is essentially a Chutes & Ladders clone. The child in me still enjoys that game, but this one was not as fun as the original, because there is less of the up-and-down change of fortune through the arrows. (I better appreciate C&L's board design.) There were two main things different from C&L:

  • The cards. They add some mild interest, but there should really be more of them -- at least twice as many triangle spots, and a corresponding increase in the number of cards. The cards provided are imbalanced: the ones that send you back to start are too strongly negative -- once getting that, it would be almost impossible for a player to win. They should either be made weaker, or there should be more ways to go just as far forward as to go backward.
  • The theme: capturing a Giant, avoid monsters and quicksand, etc. This is too lightly done to have a real impact. For a theme like this to work, you'd need both attractive illustrations on the board and cards, and more ideas of how to implement theme into the game play.

Some other minor points: The title is too long and cumbersome; it should be changed to something shorter and more engaging and catchy. ("One Square at a Time", "To the Capture!", "Stalking the Giant", "Get the Giant!", "Gigantomachy" :-) The cards in the files are not the same size, making shuffling difficult if you follow all the lines. (I didn't -- I cut out one, and used its size to do all the others.)

My assessment for the award: this doesn't make the cut.

- BStout