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Welcome![edit source]

Hey, thanks for stopping in and checking out PARANOIA! Please feel free to leave me comments and critisicm in the COMMENTS AND CRITICISM section below.

The Why...[edit source]

Paranoia the Role Playing Game has been around for many years and is a super fun game to play when you want a break from all the other "not-fun", serious RPG's. But I found myself In a dilemma where I don't really have anyone around that plays RPGs, don't have the hours to devote to a decent gaming session, but I wanted to play Paranoia. So, I was sitting around one day, bored and playing with pyramids, when I started daydreaming about past Paranoia gaming sessions and a Paranoia story I've been writing. When I noticed that I had absentmindedly built a little tower of large pyramids in the ROY-G-BIV scheme, it struck me that the pyramids might be great for a making a board game version of the game. The idea was to create a game themed after the paranoia universe that was simpler than the RPG, took less time to play, but still gave you that lovely PARANOIA feel. I think I have been able to accomplish this.

The game is not quite done yet but I work on it as much as I can find time for. Below is a To-Do list that shows what still needs to be done before the game can really be played well.

  • Need to make a MUTANT POWERS section and cards. Honestly, I think the game would be fine without specifying Mutant powers as the bagged pyramids can also represent these, but it might be fun to have them in any case.

* Make Mission Cards and a MISSIONS section that explains how these will work.

  • Make Secret Society Cards and a SECRET SOCIETY section. Again, like the Mutant Powers, I don't think these are really necessary, but it would be fun to have a card that gave you a seperate, written objective to complete to earn rewards and promotions. Like, "Terminate the Player to your left to recieve a promotion to Orange." Or something like that.

* Bolster the DEATH IN ALPHA COMPLEX section to include what a player must do after losing a clone.


Just remember that Insubordination is Treason Citizen...