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Rules questions[edit source]

The cards tapped to generate mana must all be on spaces of the element for the type of mana being generated. But the rules don't indicate that the minion used to execute the magical action needs to be on that element. So I'm supposing that it can be anywhere, but is that right?

When "you may play a card from your hand to generate one unit of mana," does that card go to the discard pile? To "play" an Aquarius card ordinarily means to add it to the connected cards on the table, but the earth mana action seems underwhelming if players are adding cards to the table whenever they generate mana from their hands.

What happens when the deck is exhausted? Shuffle the discard and make it the new deck, I suppose? But what if all of the cards have actually been played to the table? (That might not even be feasible with 80 element cards in the original rules, but I'm going to be trying it out with 55 cards -- a single new deck versus two old ones.) --Carthoris 19:12, 24 February 2012 (UTC)