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Basic Gameplay Concepts[edit source]

How about borrowing a bit of RAMbots play?

  • Each team is made up of the 2- and 3-pip pieces from a Rainbow or Xeno stash--color indicates "position": line, receiver, back, safeties/quarterback+center.
  • All smalls are held in reserve, for "play" indication (except small opaque, which is the ball).
  • The opaque indicates the play: upright=run; toward opponent=special play (punt?); to left or right=pass (TBD)
  • The other color piece in a "play" is the target piece (by color).

So offense puts a two-piece "play" behind a screen; defense puts their play (method TBD) behind a screen. Both reveal simultaneously, and the play commences.

  • Some kind of per-piece-per-turn movement rules, to simulate the play developing (blocks, running route, hand-off for rushing).
  • Some other mechanic determines tackling: say, have to have 1+ more pip value "tackling" to get runner down. If you have equal # pip value, runner is slowed to 1 step per "phase" until another tackler gets hands on it. This makes the 3-pip pieces the "big men", so maybe the 2-pip pieces should be faster?
  • Four downs and out, per normal football.
  • Touchdown occurs when piece with "ball" is over opponent's backmost rank on chessboard.

No, wait, TWO chessboards, to simulate the 50 yard line and field halves. And makes for more maneuvering per down (more than 8 ranks). How's that for a jump-start? --David Artman 15:28, 24 Apr 2007 (EDT)

Very very cool indeed.. I like the RAMbots integration. It makes sense! Let's work it! GameBrain42 16:04, 24 Apr 2007 (EDT)