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Criticism[edit source]

Here's the conversation I had with ChatGPT. I vote for "Pikers".

Me: A pikeman is considered to be of the male gender for obvious reasons. How about piker?
ChatGPT:  The term "piker" is not inherently gendered, as it refers to someone who engages in the practice of piking, which historically involved using a pike (a long spear-like weapon) in combat. Like many occupational terms, it doesn't carry any inherent gender connotations. However, it's worth noting that historically, military roles such as pikemen were predominantly filled by men due to societal norms and restrictions on women's participation in combat. But in modern contexts, the term "piker" can refer to anyone who practices the art of wielding a pike or engages in similar activities, regardless of gender. 

Cuc (talk) 23:10, 26 March 2024 (UTC)