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This is my first 'proper' game design. It has gone through a few changes, but I think it's just about presentable enough to peep out into the wider world. Any feedback/criticism would be greatly appreciated.

In particular, there are several points which I still have slight concerns about, and would be extremely grateful for any input on-

Are the rules clear, and do they make sense?

Do the rules seem unnecessarily complicated?

Does it feel like either the dominoes or the pyramids signifcantly outweigh the other? Does it feel like one part is just 'tacked on' to the other? Do the amount of each received seem like it gives a fair ratio?

Do the amount of bonus points seem like a reasonable amount?

Does the winning threshold for a game seem like a reasonable amount?

I am also considering how it might be extended to more players, this would probably require more treehouse sets and some Double-9s, with up to three pyramids each end, but haven't given this a lot of time yet. Mycake 16:06, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

Other Domino Rules?[edit source]

Is there any reason that the Pyrino concept couldn't be used with other domino games, like Muggins (All Fives) or Matadore? The simple Draw game is certainly made more interesting with the player-created (and opponent-visible) Pyrinoes, but it's still a simple Draw game, which I would hardly ever bother to play with dominoes alone. --Carthoris 13:48, 7 January 2012 (UTC)

ICE Awards Feedback[edit source]

These are comments I made at the "Icehouse Community Excellence Awards" thread at the Fan Club site:


PROS: A very nice strategic expansion to Dominoes, allowing you to plan ahead and build pieces you might need. It has several nice balances: using dominoes vs. using pyramids, building what you want vs. letting your opponent see what you have, building high numbers and burning your pyramids quickly vs. allowing future flexibility, and others.

CONS: None for me, really. I'd like there to be more players, though, and that might be possible if both Rainbow and Xeno colors are used.

Bryan 10 June 2011