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Templates[edit source]

Character[edit source]

name_of_character – ff-gg-bb

  • ff - ability_name
  • ff - ability_name

(feet = n MPs)

  • gg - ability_name
  • gg - ability_name

(neck = neck_color)

  • bb - ability_name
  • bb - ability_name

Challenge[edit source]

description_of_challenge – {(ff)}gg=bb

  • ff - ability_reward
  • ff - ability_reward

(base = opaque_color)

  • gg

(neck = black)

  • bb

Object[edit source]

description_of_object – {(ff)}

  • ff - ability_reward
  • ff - ability_reward

(base = opaque_color)

Stack Abilities Table[edit source]

Character Stack Abilities By Position
Color Brains Guts Feet
Clear [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Red [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Orange [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Yellow [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Green [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Cyan [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Blue [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Purple [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
White† [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Gray† [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]
Black† [TBD] [TBD] [TBD]

Two questions regarding Stacktors![edit source]

I have two quick questions regarding Stacktors!. Are there going to be new brain, guts and feet abilities added for the new pink pyramids?

Absolutely! Thanks for the reminder... any suggestions for "color-appropriate" abilities that aren't represented yet by the existing abilities? David Artman
I'm not sure about "color-appropriate", but I did have some ideas - Feet - jump; guts - armor; brains - knowledge arcana/architecture/geography/local/nature/religion/etc. Jim Dunaway 23:21, 18 August 2008 (EST)
Hmmm... OK, I see where you're going (sort of) but I think we've got a disconnect. For instance, I have no "jumping" rules per se--this could be an omission, true, but I'd think of it more like a Challenge stack than a "stat" that has a base and which is adjusted by one or more feet abilities. I don't know what I'd do with armor, either--most "combat-related" colors have an offense and defense effect; and I have no "hit points" to guard against, just pip value of pyramids. SO, at best, armor would only be something one could eelect to lose in lieu of another ability's pips (which demands the question, "why not double-up on an abilitty you like and lose it instead of a passive, do-nothing ability like armor?"). Finally, knowledge abilities are a bit too varied to warrant a color--it would use up too many. Perhaps you meant something more akin to "savvy" or "knowledge" in general? Even then, I have either an omission or (again) a Challenge stack. Plus, having specific knowledge abilities puts a gun to the head of the GM: give me a way to use these CPs or you've screwed me. Anyway, not trying to be a wet blanket... but the game is a bit more abstract than your ability suggestions are.
I'll give it some thought and bounce off Dave.

Under the Challenge Notation section, you make reference to black, white and grey object rewards. Are these rewards GM-determined?

Yes, per the traditional "loot" paradigm: the GM is basically thinking of what ability he or she wants to grant/increase, and a relative size (small or medium) which translates to more available pips in general, to apply in attack of defense. In a way, this is a form of 'resource' which is meted out in a module to provide a consistent challenge (in essence, healing over time and chances to "retool" by ungrounding their current feet). David Artman 16:19, 18 August 2008 (UTC)

Stacktors! documentation[edit source]

I have created several pieces of documentation, all in PDF format with appropriate copyright notices on the bottom of each page of each document. They are:

Stacktors! RPG Core rulebook
Stacktors! RPG Abilities Reference
Stacktors! RPG Character Sheet
Stacktors! RPG Game Master's Challenge Sheet
Stacktors! RPG Game Master's Equipment Sheet
Stacktors! RPG Template

Since this Wiki does not allow for PDF files, I have uploaded them to my Rabbit Bio page. If these meet with your approval, great. If not, I will remove them. Jim Dunaway 2:56, 19 August 2008 (EST)

Wow, I'm glad to see an interest in this nascent--and stalled--experiment.
I have no problem with the PDFs for the play aids (though, theoretically, they wouldn't be needed--I am shooting for "only pyramids and these rules" as equipment... though I guess CP rewards would need some kind of currency or notation).
I am thinking (and asking the other Dave) about the rules PDF. While it certainly is currently available "for free" online, here, I am reluctant to relinquish all copyright to allow another publication--I'm mainly concerned about formatting and such (as it reflects on the whole game and given that publishing and layout is my Real Job, I'd prefer control over that aspect). That's not to say you can't make your own PDF to help you play it--it IS available here, just not in a print-ready format. I'll give it some thought (and playtest and so forth, to finalize the game) and let you know if/when I want your PDF rules taken offline. For now, have fun with it! David Artman 14:43, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

Character abilities[edit source]

I have been reading through the Stacktors! development archive to get a better understanding about the game (still unsure about how equipment stacks are created and used).

Have you thought about having genre-specific abilities? My thinking is that there would be maybe 3 or 4 feet, guts and brain abilities that are common to all genres, the rest would be specific to that particular genre. For example, a D&D-style abilities list would include magic and dungeoneering skills. A sci-fi abilities list would include spacewalking, alien languages, etc. This would allow for a greater range of abilities. Jim Dunaway 5:10, 31 October 2008 (EST)

Kind of back-burnered, as it is now; but I generally don't like genre-specific powers and, further, it's tough enough to make a reference of all the generic abilities without having a host of "alternate" abilities based on genre. Also, there's nothing specified about HOW those abilities are generated--they are merely either innate to the character or to equipment in the character's equipment stack. Thus, "Teleport" (say) could be literal, magical teleporting, a modern mutant ability, a sci fi device that folds space... or just a very, very maneuverable and acrobat and contortionist person.
So, in brief, this suggestion is already implemented, just not explicitly. I leave it to the players to inject color into the system's generic purity. David Artman 16:58, 4 November 2008 (UTC)
So if I understand you correctly, use of the persuasive ability, for example, is not limited to convincing a potential ally to join the PCs as stated in the rules, but could be used for other purposes such as a doctor convincing a patient to undergo a very unpleasant but necessary procedure, or an enemy to surrender. Am I correct? Jim Dunaway 7:45, 12 November 2008 (EST)
Well, in such a situation, sure. It's definitely an abstraction beyond the basic use of the power. ...In fact, I'd be more inclined to make such a situation an Abstract Challenge if I were the GM. And Persuasive would definitely be a permitted invocation (while most Guts and Feet would not be applicable). Keep in mind also that this is definitely untested--for instance, how many "rounds" should someone have to whittle down the Abstract Challenge? If unlimited, then it's bound to be bypassed--so there's either got to be a time limit of some kind (get it done in two rounds or he dies). Heck, there's tons to work out--for instance, what does Persuasive try to oppose, in a normal encounter? Maybe it can be used defensively, to counter bid pyramids in an attack and make the attacker "pull his punch"? Anyhow... thanks for the questions, but I'd be REALLY keen to hear about you actually trying the game out and seeing what breaks or is too over-doggy. David Artman 15:14, 13 November 2008 (UTC)
At an upcoming local convention, we have decided this year not to do demos of Treehouse, Martian Coasters, etc, but to show the versatility of the pyramids featuring games created by other Rabbits (with, of course, credit being given to the creator of the game), and we are currently working on a Stacktors! adventure. At the moment, I am in the process of creating some character classes to be used as templates, hence all of the questions I've been asking. We'll let you know how it goes. Jim Dunaway 21:24 13 NOvember 2008 (EST)
Oooh, uh. Cool, I guess. :) Just be sure they know they are PLAYTESTING, and it's no where near a "finished" (or even polished) game, yet. Some folks dig that, others get irritated that they can't just, know you, PLAY, without talking about the rules and trying to figure out patches or alternatives. That siad, I'd be delighted if you could provide PT feedback, here (new section, plz) and I'll certainly consider every suggestions (keeping in mind always that this is a generic system, at the core). If *I* were to try a playtest off the cuff, I'd just grab an old D&D module and use it for the seed, making up the opposition on the fly (basically, keep in mind character points counts and scale accordingly while choosing appropriate abilities for the monsters and NPCs). But I also like making adventures, so I can see why you'd want to make your own crawl/encounters/challenges. I'd be particularly interested to hear about Abstract Challenges--if they work as written or if they just become speedbumps (I'm dubious about them, in general--they were tacked on after a discussion about "well, how would I do a court intrigue thing?"). THANKS! David Artman 15:26, 14 November 2008 (UTC)