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Strategy: I call strategy spoilers because I like to figure out the best strategy myself, but here are observations that I've made in the few times I've played this game.

1. One of the most strategic formations early on, especially before you get multiple upgrades, is a pack formation that can move forward with a skilled queen in back. Developing a strong pack and finding a good defense for it are important to playing against experienced players.

Here's a new question for playtesters. The trade rules used to be more strict. Per a play tester's request, I simplified them so that one always sacrifices one pip point per trade. However, it might be tempting to now trade in pieces after the first move, in order to get the third clear queen from the trading post. This might be too tempting, and, if so, might present too powerful an advantage for the first player. If so, I could return the rule to the original formula, where the queen cost two pip points in a trade. Alternatively, a fourth queen could be added to the stash, which would allow the second player to counter this move for when players don't want to wait it out to see who can gain or steal through the thieves. I was reluctant to allow too many potential queens into the game, but this alternative might prove the most attractive.

--nihilvor 06:39, 8 November 2011 (UTC)

3 Player Stacktrices[edit source]

It seems possible to play a 3-player game by using a modified version of the chess wedge pieces and a grey opaque stash (for those who have it). The only problem is finding a way to best compensate for a lack of clear/colored pieces (without requiring extra rainbow or xeno sets) and determining if the queen stacks will function properly on the wedge boards. More on this later, as Scott is the only one I know with a grey stash.