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word the description of the dice more clearly; perhaps supply templates or a mapping from an existing die.

a photo of the game during play and at the very end would help - AK

2009 Game Award evaluation

It would help to say at the start that this is a type of Bingo game with pyramids, as far as the goal is concerned, though the players determine their own play, rather than reacting from calls made for everyone.

The most striking thing is that the dice used here are very similar to the dice in an as-yet unpublished game by Andy Looney, Ice Dice.

I cannot tell whether everyone should use his own copy of the same board, or everyone should have a different board, as in normal Bingo. In any case, the board provided is fundamentally flawed: there are 12 spaces for medium pyramids and only 7 for large and 6 for small; but the killer is that there are no spaces for small green or small yellow pyramids. I recommend this be fixed by one of two methods:

  • Generate a lot of random boards that players randomly choose at the start of the game, making sure that each color/column has at least one space of each size, and that the number of spaces for each size is pretty balanced.
  • Give everyone a copy of the same board, with an interesting and fair layout, such as: leaving the columns the same, make the rows:
    • Small
    • Small or Medium
    • Medium
    • Medium or Large
    • Large

Meaning that in rows 2 and 4 you can choose 1 of 2 sizes in each space.

I like the fact that players can regularly pilfer each other's holdings. I think there is the potential for a good game here, but in its current form it's not yet ready.

My assessment for the award: this doesn't make the cut.

- BStout